Starter Homes (Small but affordable)

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Utilizing our panel system we are able to reach remote locations at affordable construction cost. Due to the enormous demand for work force housing as well as low income household, the company feels it is able to supply and in some areas of the country assembly unit quickly and efficiently.

What is important to understand that the panel system and the size of the units qualify for standard mortgage funding such as FHA, VA, and traditional mortgages, taking on average a good qualifying individual would have on average 600 square foot home, one bedroom unit on a 30-year fix would be around $600 per month. (Disclaimer subject to approvals and mortgage rates).

UNR Housing Development Plan for Nye County


New Ordinance for Pahrump

New ordinance for pahrump, tiny home villages are allowed, under Bill No. 2023.10 Nye County Ordinance 600. We now have the ability to help individuals in need of affordable housing following the guidelines of the ordinance.

Potential New Law In Nevada for Tiny Homes

Average sales price $60,000 without land or utility connections, ask about our partnership program.
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We can customize the siding types, be it smart board or OSB ready for stucco.Utilizing panels made on jigs simplifies the projects enormously and increase speed to assemble, allowing at the same time more support and strength. When the panels are assembled at the joints,they become a 2x4x2 basically a 4x4 every four feet (see below picture).
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Floor Plan

The above picture shows our panels without insulation, electrical and plumbing (predrilled holes for easy installation of both electrical and plumbing piping. We believe a factory in Nye County could serve Northern Nevada and some parts of California. Affordable Housing/Work force housing is in growing demand, with the average younger generation unable to qualify for large costing traditional housing units, so going small at a lessor mortgage cost is our vision and promise (Nye County Strong).
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